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Bite jaw wearing
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Bite jaw wearing
Number: Bite jaw wearing
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Producing area: Card is made of baked clay
Company: German card covers with tiles company Shanghai delegate is in

Detailed information

Product manual:
Metallic surface is light, wholesome.
Flowing exterior edges and corners is very few, easily clean.
New workmanship reduced the weight of the product.
Of joint method tilt range is bigger, can undertake process designing accurately so.
Although do not have apart cast, rely on magnetic force also can clasp device.

The operation explains:

PROTARevo blocking tile is the tooth adds up to worn innovation to improve, it established new standard for the market. Our stylist develops product blocking tile further, the optimization of will typical, beautiful shell and function is pushed to a higher level.

The tooth that the design gives combines a surface elegant, color is rich, accord with sanitation, have very high value, complete with strength score a success.

The additional value of PROTARevo makes you praise greatly:

Mathematical calculation, sexual price is compared tall
Appear your repair craft faultlessly the patient
Conspicuous Yi Cao makes a gender

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