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Dentistry cure chance
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Dentistry cure chance
Number: RM-712 3 beforehand sterilization of vacuum high temperature implement
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Producing area: Fosan
Company: Limited company of medical apparatus and instruments of Fosan open country

Detailed information

The product explains:

STE-12L(B) STE-16L(B) STE-21L(B)

Use level of grade of European EN13060 B, suit at of all kinds have pack, without what pack, of sincere, A kind hollow, B kind hollow, B kind hollow and poriferous the appliance that reachs interior to have pipeline disinfects sterilization. Ensure efficient purify is hollow appliance (like high speed mobile phone) in-house air, make high temperature vapour arrives at each corner adequately.
Buy becomes independent inside vapour generator.
Sterilization, dry time but the hand is moved adjust, make sterilization, dry effect achieves optimal job status.
105 ℃ are rubber-plastic goods disinfection, ensure the safety of material.
Bowie&Dick test, Vacuum checks.
Optional printer of type of the buy outside matching, record sterilization data.

Model (Type) power source (V/Hz) power (W) cubage (L) lumen dimension (Mm) over all dimension (Mm) suttle (Net.Kg)
200×360 Mm 445x586x390mm 40Kg of Ф of STE-12L(B) AC220V/50Hz 1400W 12L
240×360mm 445x586x390mm 45Kg of Ф of STE-16L(B) AC220V/50Hz 1700W 16L
240×460mm 445x686x390mm 47Kg of Ф of STE-21L(B) AC220V/50Hz 1900W 21L

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