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Civilian battalion hospital buys doorsill of the
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On June 25, limited company of science and technology of Hong Kong Jin Wei medical treatment (8180.HK) announce, this company will pass two wholy-owned subsidiary, 830 million yuan of Hongkong dollar buy denounce endowment build bright hospital to manage (China) limited company and the Beijing course that subordinate managing earth up hospital and Shanghai path to earth up a hospital, march to domestic hospital manages and serve the market.

Once the project buys a success, jin Wei medical treatment will become the first furniture of domestic to sole proprietorship hospital manages the foreign capital orgnaization that serves license plate, enter the hospital management field that gives priority to business Wu with diagnosis and treatment permissibly.

"At present home serves license plate to do not have clear admittance doorsill to medical treatment management, cannot make appraise cost alone to this piece of license plate, we are to all buying asset makes integral appraise cost, because value this industry. " headquarters of Hong Kong of Jin Wei medical treatment Ms. Yao says to the reporter.

Wang Hongzhi of chief editor of website of one medical treatment introduces, in last few years, hospital of domestic civilian battalion develops quickly, as the hospital property right and management will be unlocked stage by stage, foreign capital serves the investment of the market to upsurge enthusiasticly increasingly to outback medical treatment. "Traditional and public hospital pays attention to medical treatment technology, civilian battalion hospital or hospital management company take commercial government seriously more, management mode has very big distinction. If cure changes,unlock medical establishment to invest the market, the country must take corresponding superintendency step about the branch. The country must take corresponding superintendency step about the branch..

Civilian battalion hospital buys heat

Gold defends medical treatment to held water 2000, its major servicing is the research and development that has medical treatment facility in Chinese inland, production and sale, hematopoiesis does a cell to store, and the research and development of natural plant medicine, production and sale. Subsequently, the company is opening graceful archipelago to register, come true to do poineering work in Hong Kong board appear on the market.

This, jin Wei medical treatment is bought build bright hospital to manage (China) the equity of 60% and Beijing path cultivate limited company path of hospital, Shanghai earths up a hospital each rights and interests of 70% . Build bright hospital to manage (China) limited company is the foreign trader that at present China obtains aptitude of national hospital management the first times solely invested enterprise, responsible Beijing path earths up path of hospital, Shanghai to earth up the management of the hospital to manage. Path the father that one of author that earth up a hospital are China's famous medullary transplanting, path of land of blood disease expert earths up a professor.
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