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Affection fastens oral cavity of disaster area C
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After Sichuan earth shake happens, camry oral cavity acts quickly up and down, constituent rescuing team provides disaster relief quickly deep forefront, for aseismatic provide disaster relief, heal the wounded and rescue the dying is contributing force.

   - - decisive reaction acts quickly

After the situation of a disaster of earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River is transmitted for a short while, liu Jia of trustee bureau chairman decisive make a decision, act instantly, the volunteer is collected in group interior, had done all sorts of preparation to be driven as soon as possible go to disaster area, the wounded that is disaster area is consecratory a love, for the country aseismatic contribution providing disaster relief a force.

Cure protects Camry buccal personnel people sign up actively eagerly, with ground of peculiar honor permits no turning back of professional sense of responsibility the requirement is hurried off to aseismatic the forefront that provide disaster relief. 16 days morning, by group of group of Liu beautiful belt 20 people formed team of the first batch of aseismatic volunteers providing disaster relief. After the information that gets association of disaster area Red Cross feedbacks, rescuing team purchased a variety of place such as alexipharmic things medical apparatus and instruments quickly in short supply article, purchased the field such as tent headlight safety helmet to live things, approach disaster area continuously. In the meantime, group the 2nd batch of medical team also build up end, get ready wait for hair.

   - - deliverance of major of thorough disaster area

Volunteer team is captain with Liu Jia, name " flying tiger team " , "Flying tiger team " there is professional medical service to protect personnel in the member, also have the veteran that has sufferred special type training, they are worn unified confuse colour to take, carry all sorts of high-grade deliverance equipment, taking ten yuan goods and materials providing disaster relief to reach Chengdu airport. Equipment is excellent, morale is rising, be at the moment the solid portraiture of this detachment Wu Zhen that Liu Jia guides. Get in Chengdu place saves straight office group to be versed in appoint support energetically, introduce a case by the staff member that just returns from heavy disaster area, also give all " flying tiger team " the member undertakes first psychological education, had made the psychological preparation that hurries off to front.

That day afternoon " flying tiger team " in Liu Jia guide below, disregard journey fatigued the same night to go straight towards bamboo of continous of heavy disaster area continuously, place area partial goods and materials includes food mineral water to wait contributory the station is directed in center of minister of continous bamboo city, by the government the organization is united extend. In a few days of time of disaster area, "Flying tiger team " the small rural area that enters honour path to press down the village of Ma Guicun, farming abundant, village that defend water to wait a lot of not famous words a moment along cragged hill road, these villages are located in mostly out-of-the-way, traffic inconvenience, stricken be hit by a natural adversity in the earthquake case is more severe, a lot of the wounded had not gotten seasonable deliverance, camry oral cavity " flying tiger team " after cure protects personnel to arrive in time, spread out quickly rescue them the action, use the medical treatment things that carries and alexipharmic appliance, it is over rubble remains to get hurt masses cure wraps up cut. Listening to the complain tearfully of stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses, look at the setting that this one broken can't bear, firm " flying tiger team " countless times bitterness of unpleasant attack by surprise leaves team member tear. Look at that one in pairs to fill desirous eye, the life continues even, everybody's adamancy and solidarity need more after disaster.
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