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Camry oral cavity becomes company of cooperation
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A few days ago, camry oral cavity and company of cooperation of China International company reach cooperative agreement, camry oral cavity becomes his to appoint oral cavity medical establishment. During collaboration, staff of company of cooperation of China International company appoints outpatient service to see a doctor below banner of Beijing of Camry oral cavity, the privilege that can enjoy bilateral agreement serves.

Camry oral cavity marched 2001 Beijing, up to May 2008, hospital of oral cavity specialized subject, outpatient service was offerred in and other places of countrywide Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Dalian, Shenyang in all more than 110, among them amount of Beijing outpatient service achieves 57, camry oral cavity has made the famous brand of domain of domestic oral cavity.

Approval of the State Council of classics of company of cooperation of China International company held water in Feburary 1991, be engaged in advertisement of communication of international economy technology, foreign trade, exhibition and manpower resource seeking advice with service business. Headquarters is set in Beijing, in the whole nation 39 cities set a branch. Business of service of resource of labor power of state-owend enterprise company basically includes to undertake foreign capital enterprise sends Xiang Zaihua in square employee, offer form a complete set to serve; Begin foreign professional to come China working intermediary serves; Offer for of all kinds look forward to, institution all-around manpower resource serves. Resource of labor power of state-owend enterprise company serves business to have aptitude of Beijing AAA class, during be being decided to be Beijing Olympic Games to reach its to prepare, the media outside the condition reachs service of reporter manpower resource to offer an unit.

Oral cavity of Camry of with a view to of state-owend enterprise company is in the powerful force of domain of sanitation of public oral cavity, and the brand advantage that Camry is formed 15 years and market network, began this market cooperation actively to act with Camry oral cavity. Camry oral cavity will provide best service for each clients, to raise consciousness of health care of oral cavity of the whole people indefatigable effort, and pass collaboration, camry oral cavity will develop mining further potential market, make oral cavity health care and healthy check-up same, check early precaution early treatment regularly.

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