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The professional morality of dentist of a Taiwan
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Doctor of understanding the first month is 3 years former thing. Feel at that time his extraordinary, because every time when I see a tooth encounter bewilderment to his outpatient department, he always can tell truth tirelessly come. And the appearance that other doctors are a pair of closely guard a secret to the patient, they say to want how is the patient about how, as to why, very few explanation. After time is long, slowly knowing doctor of the first month is a Taiwanese, ancestral home Shandong, in Si Aili of Nuo of appropriate of Argentine capital cloth this had stayed to learn, specialize in tooth medicine, obtained the license of dentist practise medicine with general whole world. The family moves Wuhan now, he and others partnership opened outpatient department of antrum of this members of a family.

I do my good impression traceable to doctor of the first month tooth of the porcelain that bake. What my tooth grows is bad, for beautiful, want to do tooth of the porcelain that bake. Cent of tooth of the porcelain that bake plants: One kind is tooth of the gold porcelain that bake, 2000 yuan / , one kind is tooth of the titanium alloy porcelain that bake, 800 yuan / , still one is plant is tooth of the porcelain of nickel chromic alloy that bake, 400 yuan / , because I want to do tooth of 11 porcelain that bake, no matter where give me,so outpatient department agrees to plant, uniform dozen 8 fold. But tooth of which kinds of porcelain that bake to do after all? I am hesitant. There is the professor of the such-and-such stomatological hospital that will go to work weekend in outpatient department, the commendation that that old lady spelled a life I do gold to bake porcelain tooth. I ask reason, she says, expensive affirmation is close friends scatter, this is not clear still. The other doctors in outpatient department also say, the result of tooth of the gold porcelain that bake is right really, of titanium alloy can differ a few. My wife listened their word also ate a heart, say to want to do what had done, flat make gold calculated. But gold price is too expensive after all, I ask the first month the doctor. Result, my expect goes out greatly if doctor of the first month says, he says: "You if money is much, beautiful without the place, make gold, otherwise I suggest you make titanium alloy, the effect that is tooth of the porcelain of the result that makes because of tooth of the titanium alloy porcelain that bake and gold that bake does not have what different, 2 it is the price not tall, 3 it is titanium this kind of metal and the confluence that the body organizes are first-rate. " " since such, who can do gold to bake porcelain tooth then? " I ask in reply. "The color that gold bakes the advantage with porcelain the biggest tooth to depend on it can be accomplished very white, if your tooth bare is very white, a tooth was short of among, so to mix all round suitable, must want to bake porcelain tooth with gold. And average person does not need to do so white, titanium alloy bakes porcelain tooth enough to accomplish the whiteness of need, the tooth to you, what we do even intentionally even is not quite a few whiter, lest looks like a false tooth. Lest looks like a false tooth..
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