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Consulting room of a dentistry produces per year
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When the patient reachs a hospital or dentistry outpatient service sees a tooth, general metropolis chooses case of appliance of one-time oral cavity. This one-time oral cavity has lens of forceps, bougie, mouth to wait normally inside appliance box, caused serious resources waste and environmental pollution. The doctor is advocated, the patient had better accept case of oral cavity appliance.

In order to breath out cure big 4 courtyards department of stomatology is exemple, section office is average and daily use one-time appliance box to make an appointment with 80, every box makes an appointment with 36 grams again, only the infection sex waste material that a section office produces one year makes an appointment with 1 ton. The stomatological hospital of Harbin city and dentistry outpatient service are one-time use quantity of a day will reach case of oral cavity appliance 3000, 4000 or so, year of every generation litter amount is huge.

"I often come this clinic sees a tooth, see a tooth every time to save bit of money I take away case of has used appliance of one-time oral cavity, will see the reoccupy when the tooth next time. The doctor had not said to be no good. " the Liu father's elder brother that just visits a tooth in clinic of person of one family property says to the reporter.

"It is very dangerous to such doing. Perhaps pass cure, the bacterium that cause disease has not been had inside patient oral cavity, when checking, if use the appliance that has used last, be equivalent to putting the bacteria in oral cavity again, go down repeatedly, tooth disease is met only heavier and heavier, special go against cure. Graph a bit petty gain has to pay big price possibly. " haing medical science is big Bi Liangjia of director of department of stomatology of 4 courtyards assistant dean says careladenly.

Bi Liangjia teachs the introduction, want to disinfect measure to be done well only, the medical apparatus and instruments of sterilization of use high pressure can achieve the alexipharmic sterilization, goal that prevents alternate infection likewise. Already energy-saving environmental protection, can reduce remedial cost again, and it is good that use effect also should compare case of one-time oral cavity appliance. The patient just sees a doctor open the box of appliance of one-time oral cavity in polybag use, and whether to reach alexipharmic level to one-time appliance not know the inside story. Finish the professor says, the case that analyses alternate infection can discover, box of appliance of one-time oral cavity is to basically infect a source far from, it is occupied only 20% what infect a likelihood, the 80% tools that infect possibly are to give what the patient sees a doctor " get needle, cut to treat implement wait for appliance " . These appliance are disinfected via the hospital, has used weapon sends special orgnaization sterilization instantly, and technology of medical treatment disinfection rises greatly now, can be in sterilization of high temperature, high pressure while, use the disinfectant that has specific aim to wait in the light of second liver virus undertake alexipharmic sterilization, the patient can be at ease use the case of oral cavity appliance that disinfects repeatedly, and need not spend money to buy box of one-time oral cavity appliance additionally.
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