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Hangzhou city bank river hospital begins constru
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Yesterday morning, zhejiang university and the Hangzhou that Hangzhou city cooperates to be built in all hospital of city bank river (Zhejiang university Hangzhou bank river hospital) begin construction to build. Before the end of next year, hopeful investment is used.

Bank river hospital is one of 3 when Hangzhou began to plan to build 2007 hospitals such as 3 stage shell, river rainbow road reachs east, changjiang Delta main street reachs south, boreal pond river comes on the west, north reachs new Hangzhou city fire control group,

Cover an area of about 146 mus, total floor area one hundred and sixty-six thousand nine hundred square metre, the plan sets 1200 pieces of bed (2 courtyards are cure of short for Zhejiang Province about 1800 pieces) .

Bank river hospital by cure of Hangzhou municipal government, short for Zhejiang Province 2 courtyards, bank river area government is collective and contributive establish, belong to for Hangzhou city, blame seek profits gender, state-owned accuse share-holding system hospital.

According to tripartite agreement, hangzhou municipal government is in charge of the investment such as the infrastructure of the hospital, 2 courtyards basically assume cure of short for Zhejiang Province during building a courtyard the configuration of medical treatment equipment, bank river area government is in charge of offerring hospital construction to use the land.

Bank river hospital leaves build, indicate old strategy collaboration had a Hangzhou city and short for Zhejiang Province to be extended further. The Hangzhou city that held yesterday and the 6th meeting of Zhejiang university strategic collaboration stimulative committee, clear city officer collaboration will be in 2008 7 respects, multinomial domain spreads out in the round.

Domain of medical treatment sanitation, hangzhou municipal government and short for Zhejiang Province signed agreement of cooperation of medical treatment sanitation yesterday greatly. 2008, hangzhou will support campus of harbor of Zhejiang university violet gold with all one's strength on the west center of area new medicine (omnibus hospital) prepare to construct; Hospital of supportive province children is in bank river area builds new courtyard division; Support saves a stomatological hospital to start build a project.

General of short for Zhejiang Province trains the doctor that builds a hospital for Hangzhou, wholesome to Hangzhou community medical treatment service center begins working guidance and Training Within Industry to wait.

Hangzhou will be established jointly greatly with short for Zhejiang Province this year " Ma Yifu lecture " . Ma Yifu (1883, 1967) , carry on starts a person, china is contemporary and famous ideologist, ceng Ren teachs at short for Zhejiang Province big.

Hangzhou preparation invites every year in the world the important ideologist of influential force comes Hangzhou, with respect to the mankind major problem is mixed the development of prospective world, be in " Ma Yifu lecture " on, offer the point of view of sex of the look up before be full of and far-reaching history sense.
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