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Association of medical establishment of oral cav
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On January 19, 2008, "Association of medical establishment of oral cavity of Beijing civilian battalion arranges the meeting the 3rd times enlarged meeting " in Beijing gold region victory of big public house of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers is held. Medicine of oral cavity of Luan Wenmin of chairman of branch of doctor of oral cavity of association of doctor of Wang Xing of chairman of institute of cure of China oral cavity, China, China is met pair of secretary-general Jiang Ting attended the conference to erupt simultaneously expressed a speech, include medical service of division of tine of Er of Camry oral cavity, luck, north the 3rd outpatient department, guest is dainty the leader of the medical establishment of oral cavity of many 150 when come from Beijing public, civilian battalion such as antrum and delegate of oral cavity doctor attended the meeting.

This second conference got what guild of medical establishment of oral cavity of battalion of the 2nd outpatient department, Beijing civilian prepares the unit such as the group, organization dentist of international of net of medicine of oral cavity of Camry oral cavity, world dentistry forum, China, Beijing communicates stomatological hospital of meeting, Beijing University energetically support and assistance.

Camry oral cavity regards medical treatment of civilian battalion oral cavity as the industry get military thing, promoting a trade in recent years positive development, shape an industry good figure, built field of industry standard level to obtain the result that does not not. On this conference, camry also is bringing passion, the progress that is industry of oral cavity medical treatment sincerely contributed his one's pygmy effort.

Luanwen civilian chairman says on the meeting, at present the state of oral cavity industry is good and evil people mixed up, the good and bad are intermingled such as equipment, technology, talent, management, because this wants to raise the risk consciousness of whole industry, raise the integral level of the industry, establish an industry to manage and enhance the connection with exterior organization what the organization will strengthen interior urgently, and other very much area established organizations of such a trade, due effect had in establishing contemporary, normative government. Accordingly, he appeals medical establishment can join civilian camp as soon as possible guild comes in this big family.

On the meeting, chip appoint meeting unit still was reported to everybody chip appoint the working progress of the meeting, read out chip appoint the meeting is enunciative, released " regulations of association of medical establishment of oral cavity of Beijing citizen battalion (discussion draft) " , express with conference personage, of guild building is popular feeling place to.

King a sudden flash of inspiration grows to say in summing up a speech, the action of guild depends on thought fors the time being and controlling oneself, this is current Beijing the aspirations with collective medical establishment of oral cavity of 3000 two civilian battalion. He expresses, cure of China oral cavity learns to will support guild of medical establishment of oral cavity of Beijing citizen battalion with all one's strength hold water.
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