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The standard of anamnesis of department of stoma
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Average data reachs medical history
(one) groovy data
Include full name, sexual distinction, age, nation, profession, birthplace to wait. These projects are indispensable to each patient, they all have affinity at the diagnosis of the disease, cure.
1, the age: Teenage sex periodontosis is good hair at the youth, and oral cavity cancer sees more at old people.
2, sexual distinction: Blaze sees Yu Nan sex more, and sow medicinal powder quality lupus erythematosus basically is female patient.
3, nation: Because long-term surroundings is different, patient constitution and the impressibility to the disease are different also, for example the rate sufferring from caries of Tibetian relatively the Han nationality is low. Be like tooth bone tumour again common at black kind of person.
4, profession and work requirement: Some diseases and profession are concerned, for example disease of acid etching of mercurialism, lead poisoning, tooth.
5, birthplace, growing ground or long house ground: Because certain zone waters reach food sort to concern, can affect the happening of tooth disease.
Fluorine is contained to measure exorbitant meeting to cause spot glair disease in watering for example; Because the nutrient ingredient such as vitamin C is lacked in food, and make tooth gingivitis or periodontosis particularly serious.
(2) action in chief
With the patient's language, record crisply. For example: "A week comes left the tooth after going up encounters cold heat painful " , "Canker of left tongue predestined relationship already 3 months " .
(3) show medical history
Include the self-conscious symptom that concerns with action in chief and examination result. For example: "Canker of left tongue predestined relationship already 3 months, ulcer expands gradually, have initiative painful. Size of the ulcer when the examination is 1.5cmx1cm, the edge is not entire, have dangerous, small area is rough, have countless nodular, false film of yellow of exterior coverture defilement, base is not strong " etc. Do not record all oral cavity cases inside this column, because waste time not only so, and omit easily still.
(4) go to already history
Go to already history before inclusive content sees, narrate paragraphic, in the substantial that this column a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces will concern the record comes down. For example: "Had had wellability tuberculosis before New Year " , "Irritability shock happens when inject streptomycin " etc.
(5) familial history
Familial in if have the disease of similar patient, should record in this column. General medical
1, the skin: Skin surface has mix without rash hypodermic and adipose.
2, lymph node: The key checks neck ministry lymph node, if because oral cavity jaw is facial malignant tumor produces neck ministry lymph node to transfer, very important to treating methodological choice and prognostic estimation. Should jaw cervical lymph node enlargement, coagulate for lymphatic system malignant tumor or acidity of be addicted to are lymphatic granulation is swollen when waiting for the disease that as lymphatic as the whole body system concerns, answer the whole body each groups of lymph node make detailed record.
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