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Zhengzhou is the biggest build community hospita
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"Build " than " get do " closer?
This year, zhengzhou city defined the goal that builds service center of 30 community sanitation. August, zhengzhou city health bureau asks 18 public hospitals, get respectively run service center of sanitation of Home 1~4 community.
Be in in Zhengzhou city acceptable in service center of 32 community sanitation, majority is belong to transition of one class hospital by factories and mines or area and come, build have 5, nautical east service center of region community sanitation is among them.
3 many months come, great majority hospital already pressed a regulation, school expert goes to work to community. But be in last month end, our newspaper reporter is dark visit discovery, of service center of sanitation of much home community get run a hospital, did not fulfil an expert to take the provision of community well, see an expert hard a long time.
This year, hospital of people of golden water district builds service center of 4 community sanitation in all. Among them, path of phoenix stage, future and service center of sanitation of community of east wind region had been passed check and accept, open the door see patients, service center of sanitation of community of district of city of hold a memorial ceremony for also is faced with check and accept.
"These 4 centers, every investment 2.6 million, dimensions is in above of 1000 square metre, and community medical service protects personnel to be expedited by our hospital entirely. Government of golden water district leaves batch of special fund early or late 6 million yuan, the actual strength plus our hospital oneself and location are exact, get the support that built community sanitation service center to get various government sector, community dweller is more satisfactory. " Zhou Guoping of chief of hospital of people of golden water district says.
"Because omnibus hospital investment is sponsorred, medical personnel is deployed reach the designated position quite, the expert sits examine can be fulfilled, this and hospital are gotten running community sanitation service center still is different. " a staff member says Zhengzhou city health bureau.
The expert inside a course of study says, newly-built community hospital, it is large hospital gives money, give a person to build rise, resemble one's own son, belong to close together model relation, affirmative meeting gives aid to energetically. And those governments are appointed get the wholesome center that run, with large hospital it is business guidance relation only, resembling is the hospital identified a dry son, belong to a relation inattentive model, hospital affirmation is sent not gladly community to work all the year round, more do not wish to wait for a respect to support community from capital, equipment, rely on the tie of the system only.
Wang Mopeng of deputy director general of Zhengzhou city health bureau admits, from get the result that do and gets the community sanitation service center that build at present for, close together model the relation wants excel for certain inattentive model relation.
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