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Zhengzhou is the biggest build community hospita
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Yesterday, the service center of this community sanitation that by Zhengzhou city hospital of the first people builds oneself hangs out his shingle formally examine. Current, the community sanitation service center that public hospital builds provincial capital oneself already amounted to 5, this is among them a scale is the largest.
A kind of viewpoint thinks, this kind of large hospital establishs the practice of community hospital oneself, serve a problem than getting the way that do to be able to solve community sanitation more. And additionally one kind of sound thinks, community sanitation serves will be henceforth medical treatment develops way, but not be all large hospitals suit to build community hospital oneself.
The biggest build community hospital to open examine
Yesterday morning, deng Airong old person is the announcement that gets is in street agency staff, just know door mouth built a community hospital, she pulls an old partner early to hurry to a center greatly.
"It is OK that my body still calculates, because be protected without cure, plus around without public hospital, at ordinary times a cold has a fever also dare not go to large hospital looking, can hold out hold out the past. Door mouth builds a community hospital now, and hear the doctor is the expert that large hospital group comes, see a doctor not to go to the lavatory again? " the doctor that Deng Airong sees consulting room of central whole family inputs his archives after computer, laughed approvingly.
The nautical region community that Liu Chunfan is see patients of firm upright type is wholesome service center director, he introduces, this center that denounce endowment makes nearly 3 million yuan, the area makes an appointment with 2500 much square metre, can saying is at present the polyclinic builds Zhengzhou city in community sanitation service center, scale is the largest, set consulting room of room of woman health care, traditional Chinese medical science, oral cavity consulting room, children to prevent sanitarian division to wait for section office of 15 diagnosis and treatment, still include consulting room of 4 whole families, expert consulting room additionally, basically assuming nautical east road agency subordinate the precaution of 40 thousand much dweller, medical treatment, health care, family planning " 6 an organic whole " communal sanitation serves.
This year on October 15, this center already tried examine community sadly.
Sit examine doctor comes from large hospital entirely
Live in tubal the city zone the Shi Changhuan of 7 lis of rivers, be in unexpectedly yesterday the Wang Huixia of doctor of a vice director that division of health care of woman of service center of sanitation of nautical region community came up against department of gynaecology of hospital of acquaintance, the first people.
"Are you to be in hospital of the first people? I often saw you when our hospital be in hospital last year, can you come how here? " the hand that Shi Changhuan is laughing at to pull Wang Huixia, telling herself is to think of here is done surround produce health care.
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