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The optimal way of gain of oral cavity clinic is the service that provides diversification - already the organic union of fundamental treatment and hairdressing rehabilitate. Regrettablly is, major clinic still secures the mode that getting tooth fill a tooth in, according to the investigation of Levin working group, of 81% making an appointment is odd a cure of the tooth. The means of this kind of big workload, small gain makes dentist and even whole work group feel insecurity, tired out. Actually dentistry can become a very exciting profession, it is most dentist only the potential that does not have sex of interest of sufficient Jing Faji and productiveness. Most dentist did not realize, patient amount is larger, the profitability of individual patient is lower. They are planted by this a large number of drab sheet tooth cure is done body and mind is tired outly, what although make an appointment,the watch discharges is full, the get one's own back that they get is far the trouble that cannot reflect its to work. A lot of dentist should work so 5 those who arrive 8 years is long in order to achieve economically independence. Regard Levin as the author of the working group and CEO, I had encountered the countless dentist that perplex for this work way in 20 years, they are asking: "Can be this kind of state cast off " ? The answer is: OK of course! Below most circumstance, overall dentistry service and project of high-quality goods dentistry can make dentist is in gain while the fun that enjoys the work adequately.
Individual patient profitability offers more overall service objective to depend on increasing the profit specified number of individual patient. Should achieve this to be calculated above all gain. Levin Group Practices-TM can record the gain specified amount of individual patient. 55% what Method of Levin Group   can make the odd tooth of clinic treats a quantity to drop to treat gross. The long-term patient of clinic communicates more easily, more trustful to dentist, because this also is willing more,accept more services. Of specified number of individual patient profit small stick a picture to spend rise can accumulate those who be total profit is big stick a picture to rise. The understands you service that makes a patient more comprehensive and product are the first pace that increases specified number of individual patient profit. Compare the individual patient profitability between clinic you can discover, this profit earning capacity is higher, dentist is born in skill of economy, profession and individual be benefited on work more. The assessment of this respect can help you increase profit, reduce actuating pressure, the better professional place that experiences you brings your joy.
Overall dentistry service increases new service project is the advisability that stimulative clinic grows to lift ceaselessly. Choosing the key that serves an item is period profit margin, maneuverability, can manage a gender, the most important: Clinic has a patient group the acceptability to its. Before adding new project, the efficiency that clinic should check existing mechanism to serve in order to ensure, yield rate and patient satisfaction rate. New project will be right the following mechanism has very big effect: Training of service of timeline, patient, staff member, ill case is revealed.
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