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Car of diagnosis and treatment of oral cavity of
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On September 20It is the 20th day of countrywide love a tooth, to salute the advent of day love a tooth, publicize knowledge of oral cavity health care further, city stomatological hospital atOn September 18During recently love a tooth is faced, provincial car of first most advanced diagnosis and treatment of oral cavity of going from place to place leaves into apartment of old age of Qingdao city social welfare courtyard, many 400 old person that is here has propaganda and education of knowledge of oral cavity health care, undertook oral cavity examination and cure serve freely to more than 50 old person, established record of oral cavity health for them, make scientific remedial plan, compulsory made oral cavity treatment for partial old person, get the welcome of old people.





















In the meantime, the stomatological hospital returns city to plan vehicle technically, receive sent an old person to visit health of city oral cavity to teach base, city the stomatological hospital held a problem technically to be in the light of old person demand " health care of preserve one's health of old people oral cavity " healthy education lecture. The staff member still guided an old person to visit 3 of base to exhibit an area, through be being exhibited racily board with fresh objective explanation, let old people realize the value that protects a tooth deeply, rose to love a tooth to protect tine consciousness, old people states the education that carries this kind of kind benefits a lot really in succession.
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