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One nursery school of Taiyuan city has 4 cheeper
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In new Shanxi net on September 25 report yesterday, the parent is mirrorred to our newspaper, a nursery school of our city had 4 cheeper to contract brothers mouth disease at the same time, the little patient is in a class to have a holiday temporarily, the parent is a little nervous. After city disease accuses central expert to verify a condition, say, brothers mouth disease all can come on all the year round, see more with Xia Qiu, 4 cheeper come on belong to send out normally illness, the parent need not alarmed. Parent report, 4 cheeper of sicken are two years old many, be too boat nursery school the child of a small the bottom class in a kindergarten, disease has in succession 3 days ago, eruption of place of hand, sufficient, oral cavity, some cough, have a fever, classics too boat hospital is diagnosed all be brothers mouth disease. Reporter subsequently from too paediatrics understanding reachs boat hospital, at present the illness stabilizes 4 little patients, in be being treated actively, sign up for a system continuously according to contagion network, the hospital already reported little patient circumstance. City disease accuses central contagion expert to point out, transmission of brothers mouth disease is very fast, cup of fluid of patient excrement and urine, bleb and respiratory tract secretion and the hand that its pollute, towel, tooth, toy, tableware, grandma is provided, bedding, underwear all can cause transmission, so 4 cheeper come on together belong to send out normally case of illness. The reporter orders a hospital surely from brothers mouth disease subsequently -- city contagion hospital confirms, this courtyard did not receive the brothers mouth ill case that pleads young orgnaization collective to come on one paragraph recently, at present 10 little patients of be in hospital are to send out case of illness. This courtyard cure teachs division vice director Introduction Liang Gongyan, brothers mouth disease is the common infection that causes by a variety of enteroviruses, happen in 5 one full year of life more in the following infant. The disease since this kind of disease is urgent, some is calorific, the palm or sole ministry can appear spot papula and bleb, hip or knee also can appear rash, oral cavity mucous membrane appears medicinal powder shape bleb, ache is apparent, partial little patient can be accompanied have cough, stream tears, inappetence, disgusting, vomiting and headache wait for a symptom. Appear after afore-mentioned circumstances, the parent should look after children to see a doctor in time, the person that contact should disinfect segregation, prevent alternate infection. After teenager children and adult are affected, do not come on more, but can transmit virus. The expert points out, way of transmission of brothers mouth disease is much, infant and children feel easily generally, do good children individual, family and the sanitation that hold young orgnaization in the palm for a long time, it is the key that prevents this disease. Above all, anteprandial hind, soap should be used after going out or wash his hands fluid washs his hands to the infant, do not let the child drink unboiled water, eat food of raw or cold food, avoid to contact sicken children at the same time, the attention maintains domestic environment sanitation, dry the clothes much more ventilatedly, frequently by. Hold the classroom of young orgnaization and elementary school and dormitory in the palm, want to keep good and ventilated, daily the article such as wholesome to toy, individual appliance, tableware cleans disinfection. When daily morning check, if discover doubtful little patient, should send examine in time or let its reside the home to rest, disinfect processing instantly to what the little patient uses article at the same time. (Origin: Taiyuan evening paper; Shen Yimin stands high)

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