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Application of clinic operation failure Ms. Liu
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Application of old woman of clinic operation failure is strong hold clinic puts fault to compensate for 100 thousand

Because mandible hypertrophy undertakes bone goes biting flesh operation grinding, created obstacle of function gnawing flesh however, clinic of hairdressing of medical treatment of Beijing Ji Meijin day is sentenced to return Ms. Liu operation to expend 20 thousand yuan, and spirit damages solatium to wait in all more than yuan 80 thousand. Current, because this clinic did not fulfil compensatory obligation, ms. Liu of 58 years old applies for to be carried out compulsively to the court. Sunny court accepts this proposal formally already.

Inside the mouth after accuser operation unwell

On June 6, 2006, ms. Liu misshapes because of mandible ministry hypertrophy, to Ji Meijin clinic of hairdressing of day medical treatment asks to undertake bone goes biting art of flesh correct forehand grinding, paid 20 thousand yuan of operations fee.

After clinic undertook grinding mandible horn operation for Ms. Liu, ms. Liu feels inside the mouth unwell, go to China then assist with medical university of stomatological hospital of hospital of medical university plastic surgery, Beijing University, capital the hospital such as accessary Beijing stomatological hospital sees a doctor. It is the scar inside the mouth via diagnosing, affected the normal function that bites flesh. Ms. Liu thinks this hairdressing operation gives its body and spirit to cause massive harm, reason appeals to to the court, seek redress is close 200 thousand yuan.

The accused calls clinic nonexistent fault

In front courtyard careful, clinic argue says its are lawful medical establishment, the doctor that becomes an operation to Ms. Liu possesses corresponding professional qualification, the obligation that answers was used up in operation process, nonexistent fault. The appraisal conclusion of center of appraisal of material evidence of Beijing an ancient name for China is, this examine is in fault of the existence in the operation, cause injury of the parenchyma inside Ms. Liu mouth and cicatrization if really ever since, affected the normal function that bites flesh.

Forensic cognizance thinks, the fault of hairdressing operation existence that this clinic has to Ms. Liu, the agree carries liability to pay compensation. This year June, court make afore-mentioned court decisions lawfully. Because adjudicate the clinic after become effective did not fulfil relevant law obligation, ms. Liu mentions to carry out application compulsively.

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