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Shandong Linyi 75 lips cleft palate person Zhan
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Recently, the reporter learns from concerned branch, since this year, shandong Linyi is passed begin " renascence acts " , " riant train " project of two big love, make patient of 75 lips cleft palate removes disease suffers from, health lives.

As we have learned, "Renascence acts " it is civil administration ministry and collaboration of Li Jiacheng foundation, the rehabilitation of operation of children of cleft palate of impoverished family lip that begins to be carried out jointly in the whole nation this year plans. It is urban and rural that this activity aids financially an object low protect family and make offerings to dispersedly 5 labial cleft palate and relevant deformation, age suffers from to be in in protecting a boy or girl friend the 0 minor that arrive 18 years old. Current, county of hill of Linyi city dark green already had patient of 28 harelip poverty to win minister of this one project.

"Riant train " the project is by American respect contributive, china charity always can be in charge of an organization carrying out, for our country patient of impoverished children lip cleft palate undertakes earlier correct manages an operation. Current, this job has developed the national beneficent item that makes a major pooling of efforts of much department of charity of a collect, civil administration, medical treatment, the impoverished and grown patient that the age of operation patient also enlarges 40 one full year of life from first poor children. Up to now, linyi city shares 47 impoverished patients to be benefited this year this one project.

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