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264 numbers oral cavity loves tooth activity to
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Learn center of oral cavity of meeting and 264 hospitals number to be held jointly by cure of Shanxi province oral cavity " I and you pay close attention to oral cavity together " Aiyarite fastens an activity to was started formally on September 18, oral cavity health extends to publicize manual during the activity, begin the oral cavity inspection that faces of all kinds patient, bake porcelain tooth, 3D in the light of precious metal at the same time rehabilitate of complete porcelain tooth, lustre health complete porcelain rehabilitate reachs 2 zirconia cultivate a tooth to wait for repair category eye to undertake 300-1000 yuan special aid, health of oral cavity of the old people in popularizing media of public of have the aid of and disease treat knowledge. Once this activity is popularized, a few days short already more than 400 have dental caries, periodontosis, tooth Liebuqi, tetracycline tooth, fluorine spot tooth, be short of the patient that loses the common disease such as the tooth to undertake making an appointment, experience to center of oral cavity of 264 hospitals number international is foremost the science and technology of oral cavity diagnosis and treatment of the edge, enjoyed all sorts of VIP privilege to serve. Environment of center of oral cavity of 264 hospitals number is elegant, set special VIP consulting room, the expert group that forms by doctoral Master has professional make a diagnosis and give treatment for broad patient, the expert is special during the activity the whole process that explained tooth of 3D1 hour complete porcelain, immediateness to grow tooth technology in detail to come round to refer the patient that see a doctor, let a patient have dental hairdressing repair for nothing obviously. Director of center of oral cavity of 264 hospitals number Dr. Guo Feng says, the center regards this love tooth as large activity undertake unit, aim to serve the high-tech that I save oral cavity patient to be able to enjoy oral cavity to make a diagnosis and give treatment truly, high level, high. This activity will last to October 8, the university that hopes more patients can understand oral cavity beautiful tooth through this activity asks, realise love tooth protects a tooth to should be made from daily health care and regular examination deeply. Xiao rare / article

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