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"Alone talent " treated a tooth to wait one year
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When giving or take an injection, small east shout does not grant to cooperate ■ Zhang Mo of our newspaper reporter is cold photograph




Battalion mouth male Tong Xiaodong (alias) be born to contract children loneliness disease namely, mix to orb body only smooth shadow is interested, right in addition all things are full of fear, reject to communicate.

Nevertheless, small east word of the ancient poetry when 3 years old with respect to know sth thoroughly, listen to a teacher to play music only, oneself can play a same tune on piano. Exclaim of the teacher that give musical instrument this is a when there is talent most in all children that she has taught.

This year on August 27, small the children rehabilitation center that the mother east establishs terms begins, student one, it is small east.

■ go to Beijing treating a tooth, the doctor says to want to wait one year half

■ from the tooth bad to now, a year, weight did not grow one jin

■ a hospital was opposite Shenyang to apply complete hemp to study tooth method actually yesterday

Morning paper dispatch (reporter Cui Fuyao) 8 years old small east unplugged eventually 8 in the mouth bad teeth... and the tooth of eat by moth in be understanding burst, small east waited one year fully.

The doctor that because can give alone disease the child,treats a tooth is too little...


Because alone disease does not say which are afflictive

Yesterday morning, chinese medical university is accessary before the remedial room door of the stomatological hospital, those who await complete Ma Zhiya is small east, sit in mom keep flapping in the bosom of Liu Kai China oneself face, small the father east and grandmother are looked at small the act east, although anxious, but they are prevented without the method however small the behavior east.

"Baby is obedient, do not hit oneself, treated a tooth not to ache a little while. " Liu Kai China is touched achingly small the head east.

Liu Kai China tells a reporter, small east it is a child that has alone disease, he 8 years old had been tormented a year many by toothache. Last summer, discovery of Liu Kai China is small east begin to reject to have better thing, do not love to eat later again.

"He has alone disease, so he does not tell me him where is afflictive. " Liu Kai China says, the face that discovers a son till her became swollen the tooth that rises to just know the child gave an issue.

Liu Kai China is being taken later small east went battalion mouth all hospitals and tooth ill clinic, can give without the doctor small east see a tooth, "The child cannot understand the doctor's meaning, so he far from ask for a favor, hard lever the mouth, the child bites the tongue defeated... " Liu Kai China says, she had the feeling that be willing to help but unable to do so to son first time.
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