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Medical apparatus and instruments of the 20th 20
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On September 24, by a definite date 3 daysMedical apparatus and instruments of the 20th 2008 China International (Shandong) exposition (autumn) and forum of series of hospital management internationalIn Jinan Shun agrarian international exhibition center pulls open heavy curtain, the corresponding period will be held2008 eleventh exhibition of material of equipment of Shandong international oral cavity and technical communication are met.















Graph 1:  emperor relatively breed

With " care life, caress health " give priority to a problem exposition, sponsor an unit to have: Commerce of meeting, China International promotes medicine of province of government of people of city of association of business management of countrywide wholesome property, Jinan, Shandong committee Shandong saves committee. Item on display covers: Diagnose reach cure equipment, digitlization equipment, biochemistry, analysis, examine equipment and lab equipment, nurse design of building of equipment and ward things, medical treatment, medical equipment of material and medical treatment things, oral cavity and material. Exhibit sessional hold the corresponding period: Of forum of hospital management series, Chinese cure rich can combine technology of equipment of medical treatment of advanced advantage of press conference, world to reveal a specification equipment of application of product of meeting, new product, new technology, high-tech and technical lecture, medical treatment is donated wait for series activity.  Graph 2: Does Lan hope not?
The graph pursues 3:  of ├ late Ji chews? of   ∧

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